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Scope & Benefits

Increase the efficiency and control of your paint line quality

Thanks to its ergonomics and organized interface, our Paint Line Quality Management (PLQM) system allows your company, its managers and, its operators to gain speed by optimizing your paint line. We adapt your PLQM system to your hardware and software needs. This allows you to have a tailor-made tool for your daily use. We deploy our PLQM system between the unloading station and the packaging area. Our system decrease the workload of your operators and improve their efficiency. The PLQM system automatically report your activities. Thanks to its accurate and reliable metrics about the line performance, it is easier for you to understand your performance and control your quality.

Description of Solution

Smart and easy-to-use

The PLQM system has a secured access for the different modules of the solution. The roles and access or the users are set up, from the operator to the plant manager. There are 3 user interfaces: Quality control, Rework station, KPIs. Our connected system generate the KPIs on real time data. The system is composed of a resistant touchscreen (directly located on the line) enabling the operator to be fast. Moreover, the speakers, headphones and, the blue light reducer create a better working interface.

Application and Support

We provide the perfect equipment to your plant

To fulfill your specific demands, Quantior is developing its tailor-made PLQM system for you.

According to your project, we can:

  • Connect with your office software.
  • Connect and interact with your hardware.
  • Get you full technical support.
  • Integrate the PLQM system into our shop floor totem.
  • Plug your shop floor sensors and automatism.
  • Adapt to any other requests.
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