Digital Management Control

Scope & Benefits

Facilitates the management and control of your production

Thanks to its ergonomics and organized interface, our Digital Management Control (DMC) system allows your company and its manager to gain speed and accuracy in their journey at the plant. We adapt your DMC system to your hardware and software needs. This allows you to have a tailor-made and an optimal tool for your daily use.

With our DMC, forget the multitude of Excel files to manage your production. The DMC interface connects all the entities in the plant and so, enables better communication and understanding within the members of your factory.

Description of Solution

Quantior 5-layers system

The DMC system gathers the data of your plant through the hardware installation. This data is stored and analyzed by our software, locally or in the cloud.
Our system transforms the collected data and displays it on your DMC. This allows you to perceive the data clearly and accurately and thus, to evaluate the situation more efficiently.
This data will show you that there is always a way to increase your production and makes it achieved its peak performance.

Application and Support

We provide the perfect equipment to your plant

To fulfil your specific demands, Quantior is developing its tailored DMC solutions for you.
According to your project, we can:
• Adjust the screens size and orientation.
• Put your design in the background.
• Implement touch screen.
• Connect your tablets to the DMC
• Add tables and boxes for convenience.
• Modify the aesthetics of the system
(colors, organization of the categories…).

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